23 Songs for a Disney Funeral or Celebration of Life

As some of you know, I am a big Disney fan.  So I asked a question on a few Disney discussion groups for some suggestions for some lovely Disney songs that could be played at a funeral, memorial or celebration of life.  And this is what my fellow Disney fans came up with.

Mary on the Teacups at DisneylandMy mom passed away on Easter weekend 2014, exactly 12 years to the day after this photo was taken at Disneyland.  At her funeral I was in a daze and was unable to come up with a song, so the church picked some traditional hymns.  Mom took my sister and I to Disneyland as children and if I had thought of it, I probably would have chosen a lovely Disney song for her funeral.  The week she died she was supposed to come visit and we were going to go to Disneyland, an over-due visit with her.

When it comes to picking a tune for the memorial, don’t be afraid to stray from the classic music.  Play something your loved one listened to all the time, their favorite song, or a song from their favorite movie or band.  Adding personal songs helps give a custom and memorable tribute.  And if you like to paint outside the box, kick it up a notch, and play something fun, happy, playful and full of spirit.

Keep in mind, there will be time before and after the service, go ahead and stick in a custom CD or their favorite album.  Make it an event, not just a service.

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1.  Pete’s Dragon:  “Candle On The Water” by Helen Reddy

2.  Lion King: “Circle of Life” by Carmen Twillie, Lebo M.

3.  Marry Poppins: “Feed the Birds”

4.  Jungle Book: “The Bare Necessities (Soundtrack)” by Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman

5. The Princess and the Frog: “Almost There” by Anika Noni Rose

6. Toy AStory 2: “When She Loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan

7.  Pooh’s Grand Adventure: “Wherever You Are” by Pooh


8.  Pocahontas: “Colors of the Wind (From “Pocahontas”)” by Judy Kuhn

9.  Lilo and Stitch: “Aloha O`e(Farewell to Thee)” written by Queen Lili`uokalani.
A tender moment between Nani and Lilo from the spectacular Disney film “Lilo & Stitch”. The song Nani is singing to Lilo is “Aloha O`e (Farewell to Thee)”.


10.  Pinocchio:  “When You Wish Upon a Star” by Cliff Edwards

11.  Cinderella: “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” by Ilene Woods, Cinderella’s Mice Chorus

12.  Tarzan: “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins

13.  Enchanted: “So Close” by Jon McLaughlin

14.  Pocahontas 2, Journey to a new world: “Where Do I Go From Here” by Pocahontas

15.  Dumbo: “No Longer An Elephant / Dumbo’s Sadness / A Visit In The Night / Baby Mine” by Betty Noyes
Note: I’m going with this version because it’s just the “Baby Mine” song.  The movie version has a lot of music in the beginning that may not be what is desired during a service.


16.  Toy Story: “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman

17.  Lion King 2: “He Lives In You” by Lebo M

18.  Hercules: “Go the Distance” by Roger Bart


19.  Peter Pan: “Main Title (The Second Star to the Right)/All This Has Happened Before” by The Jud Conlon Chorus

20.  The Rescuers: “Someone’s Waiting for You” by Shelby Flint

21. Fox and Hound:  “Best Of Friends” by Pearl Bailey


22.  Aladdin: “A Whole New World” by Lea Salonga, Brad Kane

23. Alice in Wonderland: “The Mad Tea Party / The Unbirthday Song / Twinkle Twinkle / Clean Cup Move Down / Mad Watch” by Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn, James Macdonald, Jerry Colonna


And from other Children’s movies and animations.

The Chippets: My Mother, unfortunately I am unable to find this for sale on Amazon.  If you find it, please let me know.

Please see our other blog post for 37 Songs to play at a funeral or memorial.

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We invite you to add any suggestion and links to songs in the comments below.