together-again-memory-beads-christina-coleSince 1996, Californian glass artist, silversmith, and spiritual intuitive Christina has been amalgamating her many talents into what has become Together Again: a poignant, inspired jewelry service delivering exquisite, hand rendered pieces which capture cremated ashes, hair, fur and other sentimental relics forever in time.

A master lampworker, Christina takes the art of molten glass shaping beyond its traditions and customs, infusing memory, life force, and soul into significant, wearable pieces. Having bloomed to life in 14th century Italy, Together Again’s modern take on this ancient practice brings together the remains of those passed with friends and family, keen to keep the connective flame alive.

First sparked by the passing of her grandfather and her subsequent incorporation of his ashes into glass beads as a gift to her grandmother (who would make her own transition to the afterlife soon after) personal loss and artistic flair acted as major motivators behind Christina’s serious and commited foray into cremation glass; a process that has proven to be both expressive, affecting and of service to a multitude of delighted clientele from around the globe who seek a special keepsake for a beloved person or pet.

Together Again’s vast offering of jewelry and trinketry includes beads, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, vials, boxes, and urns. Meticulously crafted from an incredible spectrum of colored glass by Christina herself, and finished with the most precious of metals, each collection conjures unforgettable imagery of celestial bodies, heavenly fruit, rippling water, and mystical prisms. Opalescent, spectral,

luminous…these are just a scattering of adjectives that could be used to describe each piece.

With a degree in Art and Jewelry Design, and a working background in Hypnotherapy and Grief Coaching, Christina has melded her talent for artistic conceptualization and handiwork with her deep understanding of the vital principles of life, the process of bereavement, and the preservation of spirit.

Together Again is more than just another American jewelry brand. It is a specialized service, the continuation of ancient tradition, and a bespoke accessories collection infused with life affirming value and beautiful vibrations.

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