Angelic Embrace™ Colors Pink Clear Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Kelly Green Teal Aqua Leakey Pen Medium Blue Cobalt Blue Purple Light Amber Gray Glow - Optional Upgrade

Angelic Embrace™:

Guardian angels are the unseen presence that protect us as we navigate the sometimes troubled waters of our lives. We can imagine their loving embrace, wings protectively folded around us. Similarly, this bead is wrapped with a fine layer of silvered glass that is enhanced to make it shine like a delicate “wing.” Each gilded adornment is original and uniquely shaped in a handmade process. Beneath the surface, the ashes of your personal memento, burned into the glass, float like magical spirit dust. Each time you touch or wear it, you will remember that you are being watched over. To add a sense of luminous spirit, you can add a glowing effect as an optional customization.

Black Reflections™ Colors Paris Pink Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Emerald Green Light Teal Light Aqua Azure Blue Leaky Pen Blue Cobalt Blue Purple Amber Chocolate Gray Clear Glow - Optional Upgrade Alexandrite

In this collection, the fine silver foil provides a reflective foundation beneath your transparent color(s) of choice. You have the option of having the infused items visible or floating inside the transparent glass.

Clarity™ Colors Paris Pink Ruby Pink Cabernet Red Orange Yellow Yellow-Green Lime Green Emerald Green Light Teal Pale Aqua Light Aqua Pale Blue Dark Blue Leakey Pen Blue Cobalt Blue Alexendrite - color shifting Lavender Purple Amber Medium Amber Chocolate Brown Gray Clear Glow - Optional Upgrade


Clarity sparkles like the clear water of a coin-filled fountain full of wishes. The transparent glass of this bead can be crystal clear or your choice from our spectrum of colors. By infusing it with a sentimental relic, you preserve a remnant of your life like a coin tossed in the water. Your modern heirloom can be carried with you to bring forth a feeling of hope and connection to an important person or time from your life. You can also add the sense of a stunningly lit fountain at night with an optional glow effect as the luminescence highlights the suspended bubbles and ash.

Crystal Ball™ Colors Paris Pink Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Emerald Green Light Teal Pale Aqua Light Aqua Cobalt Blue Purple Light Amber Gray Clear Glow - Optional Upgrade

Crystal Ball:

Crystal balls allow us to see that which is hidden in our subconscious minds through light, shadow, and reflection. Make this your own crystal ball as you gaze in and see the colorful swirled helix against the ashes of the memento that you have chosen to infuse within. The feeling of a lit candle illuminating your crystal ball and providing clearer insight can be gained by adding an optional glow effect.

Nebula™ Colors Red Coral Pumpkin Tabby Cat Orange Lemon Yellow Lime Green Grass Green Baby Blue Turquoise Periwinkle Dark Blue Purple Black Gray Ivory White Light Pink Glow is included in Nebula


Outer space represents limitless potential and the mysteries of creation. It is no wonder that many religions believe their ancestors rest among the stars as that is where the creator is believed to do his work. You can create your own glowing universe in our original black or blue, or now, more vibrant colors. Your memento’s ashes can be fused visibly into the molten glass to make up the “stars,” during the day. At night, “Nebula” has special glow powder added and glows like real stars! Your sentimental relic included in this piece could remind you of an important person in your life who enjoyed astronomy or science fiction favorites like Star Wars or Star Trek, or the Space Mountain attraction at Disneyland.

UV Black Light Keychain:

This listing as well as glow upgrade listings include the UV Black Light keychian. The black light charges the special glow in the dark in the glass. Just a few seconds of exposure will make the glass glow for several minutes or hours. The glow can also be charged by normal light or sunlight.

Embellishments Colors Paw Example Dragon Fly Example Dew Drop with ashes Example Butterfly Example Heart Example Red Transparent Orange Transparent Yellow Transparent Lme Transparent Emerald Green Transparent Aqua Transparent Leakey Pen Blue Transparent Azure Blue Transparent Cobalt Blue Transparent Purple transparent Gray Transparent Clear Transapernt Glow - Transparent Hazy - upgrade Red Opaque Pumpkin Orange Opaque Tabby Cat Orange Opaque Yellow Opaque Lime Opaque Emerald Green Opaque Light Blue Opaque Turquoise Opaque Cobalt Blue Opaque Purple Opaque Black Opaque Opaque White Gray Opaque Opaque Metallic


Embellishments are glass surface decorations we add to the glass as it is hot.  Your choices are: paw, heart, butterfly, dragon fly ( large pieces only) and dew drop.

Please select weather you want it opaque or transparent.  We can make any transparent color glow.

Transparent is when light shines through the glass.

Opaque is when light does not shine through the glass.

Peaceful Love™ Colors Yellow Brown Opal White Dark Blue Light Blue Opal Pink Light Green Dark Green Glow - Optional Upgrade

Peaceful Love:

Understated and elegant, this piece offers a lovely way to carry a precious memory with you. As a token of your devotion, it is especially lovely for weddings as the spring-like colors promote a sense of a new beginning. The gentle shades also bring to mind youthful pastels and birth. When infused with a relic such as a love letter or your baby’s first tooth or hair, it creates a token of exceptional beauty and meaning. To add an effect as romantic and soft as candlelight, you may also add an optional glow.

Reflections™ Colors Paris Pink Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Emerald Green Light Teal Light Aqua Azure Blue Leaky Pen Blue Cobalt Blue Purple Amber Chocolate Clear Gray Glow - Optional Upgrade Alexandrite


Like a stained glass window looking in on the spirit, this collection honors the formless, capturing the poetic nature of light in reflective pools. As with stained glass, this piece both is looked upon and looks back. The foil strips bring to mind a mirror through which you can know yourself. The personal relic that you fuse into the glass allows you to have a representation of a special someone look back at you. You can choose up to two colors with which to craft your piece and create your own colorful “window.” To add a sense of the warmth of sunlight passing through the glass, you can add an optional glow.

Shimmer™ Colors Clear Pink Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Kelly Green Teal Aqua Blue Purple Amber Gray Glow - Optional Upgrade


A surface with the warmth of soft velvet and the shine of gold dust create a place for you to “bury” your treasured token of a memorable experience or special someone. It can reveal itself magically to you by holding it up to the light or remain hidden as you please. The shimmer comes from mica, a mineral that naturally occurs in layers that reflect light. It is seen as having healing powers and assisting in providing clarity and understanding, both personally and experientially. It can have calming powers and can aid in being more flexible in difficult times. By including a relic in the glasswork from a relationship that has brought you comfort, you can create a doubly powerful and meaningful token to wear or carry. A muted glow effect can be added to provide a sense of the presence of a special soul deep within.

Tides of Time™ Colors Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Kelly Green Teal Aqua Cobalt Blue Purple Dark Amber Light Amber Gray Clear Glow - Optional Upgrade

Tides of Time:

Memories of rippling pools of water and silver-tipped waves seen during days spent at the beach or at the lake fishing are reflected in these swirling globes. The silver “waves” have a slight texture that bring to mind the rough edges of a sea shell or the rocky edges of a lake. When infused with the glass, your personal memento can be seen on the surface or submerged beneath the “depths.” The “watery” surface isn’t limited to blue. Your “ocean” can be whatever color you imagine or you can match the colors of your favorite nautical accompaniments like your boat or fishing hat. To add a sense of the moon reflecting off the water at night, you can add an optional glow effect.