Please review the list below to help answer your questions. If you still have questions, please email us or give us a call through the Contact page. We are happy to assist you.

What are Cremains?

It’s the marriage of cremated ashes and remains creating the word cremains.

What items can you use in your memory jewelry?

Some ideas are:
– Dirt from her burial site
– Sand from your favorite beach
– Hair from a brush
– Fur or whiskers
– Flowers from a special event, wedding, birth, funeral, aniversary
– Umbilical cord, placenta or breast milk
– Fabric from clothing or toy

We are unable to infuse anything that will melt like plastics or synthetic fabrics.

How do you add hair?

Please see this video.

What do the inclusions look like inside the glass?

How can I be sure that you are using my loved ones ashes?

We use the utmost care in processing your order and creating your one of a kind keepsake. That includes the handling of any cremains we are sent and returning the remaining inclusions back to you along with your finished order.

As someone who enjoys my own Memory Beads, I know how it is to have my loved ones close to my heart. It is very important to provide this to our customers as well. Morally, I am obligated to use the cremains you have provided. Spiritually, I believe that we can still maintain a connection to the ones who have transitioned and I want to provide whatever tool you feel works for you. Besides, they’re watching!

Please visit our youtube to see a video of our studio, we show how we keep very organized and label everything.

What is the process you use to make a Memory piece?

We use a torch and melt the glass onto rods creating custom glass beads and jewelry.  Here is a video to see more.

I have an idea for a bead, can you make it?

Absolutely. We can find the perfect design that suites your taste. Custom beads are a $200 upgrade.

How much of the ashes do you need?

You will need to send approximately one teaspoon. The finished piece will only use a pinch but the process requires about one teaspoon to ensure the end design you desire is created.

Will there be any leftover ashes? What do you do with them?

Yes, there will be leftover cremains, and they will be sent back to you along with your finished Together Again™ Memorial piece.

I don't want to open the box of cremains, can I send you the package instead?

It is safer that the entire box of all the ashes is not sent due to the fact that there are USPS restrictions as well as possible loss in transit. USPS requires special paperwork in order to send the entire collection of cremains. The preferred method is inquiring if your funeral home or veterinarian office can collect a teaspoon for you and then shipping that to our offices.

I have the ashes of many loved ones, can I send them all to you?

Yes. Please put all of the cremains into one baggie totaling 1 teaspoon. Then label with your name and the name of deceased on the bag and triple bag them with whose cremains are in the bag as well as your name.

I'm planning on scattering the remaining ashes, do you have any thoughts about that?

Yes! Always keep a teaspoon sample, labeled and in a safe place. If you wanted to order another bead, or if your piece breaks or is lost or stolen, it would be nice to be able to make another one with your ashes. Also, before you scatter your cremains, please check the local regulations to be sure of how and when you can “scatter” them.

What if my bead breaks or if I lose it?

Sadly, with the nature of glass, it has a reputation of breaking if it is dropped or smashed. As a preventative measure, I ask that all my customers maintain their own teaspoon size cremains sample, labeled and kept in a safe place.Once a bead is broken, it is difficult to repair it. However, I do have a few creative tricks up my sleeve. Contact us if this happens and we can discuss your options. In extreme cases, if you have scattered all the ashes, we may be able to recycle your bead into a new piece. However, the design will most likely be completely different depending on the style you had before. Just keep the pieces and we will work with you to create a new design.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, shipments can be sent almost anywhere. Additional shipping charges will apply. The full value is used in the shipping documents so import taxes may be due at the time you receive the package.

How do I ship the cremains to you?

After you complete your purchase I will email you an address in California for shipping.

  1. To collect the cremains you can use a scoop or spoon. Write your whole name in permanent marker on a zip-lock bag and securely close the contents. Then double bag with a second zip-lock bag.
  2. Print out your transaction or order form complete with your item description, name and contact information and include with your shipment.
    or pets please include a good photo or two if you want the glass to resemble their coat. (I do not work with my computer next to the torch, so it is handy to have a photo).
  3. Seal your shipping box very well. You can use a flat rate VCR box from USPS.
  4. Ship USPS via Registered Mail, or Express Mail service.
  5. Ship USPS only. The regulations are listed here:

USPS Shipping

USPS regulations (Publication 52, Sections 452.2)
Cremated Remains
Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packaged as required in 453b. The identity of the contents should be marked on the address side. Mail pieces sent to domestic address may be sent via Express Mail or Registered Mail service. Mailpieces sent to an International address must be sent via Registered Mail service, and the country listing in the IMM must show that cremated remains are permitted and Registered Mail service must be available for that country.

453 b
Powders. Dry materials that could cause damage, discomfort, destruction, or soiling upon escape (leakage) must be packed in siftproof containers or other containers that are sealed in durable siftproof outer containers.

Returns, Refunds and Guarantees

  • During the creation process you will have a chance to approve your piece. Once you have made the approval there will be no refunds.
  • Refunds will be given if I cannot finish or create your design for any reason.
  • The glass is guaranteed not to be broken, cracked or chipped upon delivery to you. You have 12 days to respond if you notice any blemishes, and a new bead will be made at no extra charge.
  • If you drop, smash, or expose the bead to extreme hot or cold temperatures the bead can break. Please be very careful as this is not covered, your money will not be refunded nor will a piece be replaced for free. Under most normal circumstances your glass will last a lifetime and normal wear should be fine. However, the glass most likely will not survive a laundry washing and drying cycle. It will not survive a dish washing cycle, or a microwave.
  • There is a potential for larger pieces to crack if you leave them in a car on an extremely hot summer day or in the midst of an ice storm. Rapid extreme temperature change can crack the bead. Do not leave it laying in the hot summer sun. Using it as a sun-catcher in a window should be fine. If a cat can nap for hours in the sun, a glass bead can too.
  • Every creation is unique as they are hand made. Many designs have an organic nature. If you order identical beads please allow for subtle differences in shape, size, color, chemistry reactions, and inclusion applications.

Changes in an order

Depending on where we are with your order, it may be a $15 charge to change your mind or make edits to your order.  We can send you a PayPal invoice to cover our time, restocking, reprinting, communications, etc.