Jewelry Care

A common question from my customers is how to clean their jewelry.


Here are a few easy tips.

If you wear your jewelry day to day, it is encouraged to clean your jewelry – especially rings.  This applies to all your jewelry, really. Especially during the cold season, and if you handle food.  I also change baby diapers and we have a dog.  Who knows how much stuff decides to reside in those nooks and crannies.


  1.  Hydrogen peroxide –  Take off your jewelry and place it in a small cup of hydrogen peroxide.  Let sit until it stops bubbling, but no more than 30 minutes.  We don’t want any glue to lose its hold.  Rinse clean with soap and warm water.
  2.  Toothbrush and mild soap in warm water can help brush any goop out.  Or you can use a toothpick to pluck out any debris.
  3.  Ammonia or Windex is a good cleaner for glass and metal.  Do not let it sit for more than a couple minutes as it can break down any glue that holds the metal to the glass.  Rinse clean with soap and warm water.
  4.  A polishing cloth is great for metals.  Be sure you use the correct polishing cloth that is impregnated with the correct polishing compounds for either silver or gold.  Do not use the cloth on the wrong metal.  And do not wash out the polishing compound from the cloth.  Any black marks left on the cloth is normal, and the cloth can be used over and over again lasting years.



  1.  Be careful about using denture cleaners as they can damage the metals and any natural pearls.
  2.  Ultrasonic cleaning machines create a very high vibration and can damage vintage jewelry and break down the glue that holds the glass to the metal pieces.
  3.  Do not use boiling water as it can crack your glass.  Any rapid and drastic temperature changes can crack your glass.  Don’t worry, wearing your jewelry inside and going outside into cold weather should be just fine.


A Few More Care Tips….


  • Remove while doing dishes, yard work, swimming or jacuzzi
  • Consider taking off and storing in a safe place for more heavy duty activities like; moving boxes or bulky items, and sports.
  • Metal jewelry can be altered by the chemicals in household cleaning products. Remove or wear gloves when doing housework.
  • Chemicals in things like hairspray can alter the jewelry’s finish.
  • Use a polishing cloth on your silver to brighten it up.
  • Wash with mild soap and warm water.


Here are some additional suggestions on safekeeping your memory piece for long lasting wear and good conditioning.

  1. Keep on a separate hook or drawer or in a special jewelry box to prevent the piece from tangling with others or getting scratched by rough materials.
  2. While traveling keep your glass safe from other hard items, clinking glass can break.
  3. Anti-tarnish strips or bags are an option.


Avoid tarnishing: saltwater and chlorine can tarnish silver.

However many of our pieces are made of rhodium plating which helps keep the color. A silver polishing rag impregnated with polish can clean your piece quickly.