Oh, how we love our mama’s. (contest)

2 sun catchers
2 sun catchers with their mother’s ashes.

Let’s celebrate our appreciation for our mother figures in our life.  Who deserves a big thank you for loving us unconditionally.  Mother’s day isn’t just for mom, we can give praise to our Aunties, grandmothers or neighbor who have treated us with love and open arms.

Are you a mom? Do tell!!!!  What has it meant to you to be a mom?  Even if it’s to a pet, you still count!!!  At least I think so.  And here is a great place for you to sing your praises about motherhood.

Is your mom your angel now?  Mine is, and this is a great place to share something nice about her.

Did you get a memory bead made with her ashes or hair? Let’s see it!  Send us a photo of you wearing your mom proudly.

For each person who shares a story and photo, you are entered to win a custom glass vial.  Just tell me the basic shape, color and size you want and I will make a few an you will get to pick your favorite one.
A winner will be picked 2 weeks before Mother’s Day, (Sunday May 13th).  This way you can have the vial in time for Mother’s Day as something you can keep for yourself or to gift to your special loved one.


Here’s what to do.

Send in a photo and a nice testimonial about “MOM” to our website from this link.  I don’t want to publish our email address, so if you are a legit email, I will respond so you can send us your photo.

Here’s the link: https://togetheragainmemorybeads.com/contact/