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Add another inclusion to your memory bead. Cremains, hair, flowers, teeth, fabric, photos, etc.

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If you would like more than one item infused into the glass please purchase this listing.  We give you the option of adding one additional inclusion to your memorial piece. Adding any more can compromise the integrity of the glass as we do not want it to crack or break in the future.

We can do two items in the glass. For example if you are sending us remains like nails and hair, we infuse the nails first then the hair. It is a delicate process to add hair or other organic materials like paper, fibers etc. We have a couple seconds of time to burn it onto the glass and immediately capture the inclusions so we can infuse it into the glass.

Each item takes time to process and adds time to the bead fabrication process.
Each individual baggie counts as separate processing or inclusion. To save money you can combine the hair together, or other same inclusions into one baggie. Each memorial piece ordered includes one application of the inclusion. If another is added, it is an additional fee per piece.

What you can send to us:

After your purchase, you will get a message from us along with your receipt.  This message will have the shipping instructions and how to collect and package your inclusions.

Cremated Remains:
We ask for one level teaspoon.

Hair or Fur:
We can use as little as one piece of hair, but we do appreciate a small tuft of hair or ball of fur.  The more you send us, the more you will be able to see.
The fur and hair is burned into the glass unless requested to put it into the hole of the bead so it is left in tact.
For a video of us adding hair to a bead:


You can send us one petal, or the whole flower.  We prefer it dried as it will burn into the glass better.


Sand or Earth:
Send us one level teaspoon of sand or earth.  We sift it so the smaller pieces can be added.  Bigger chunks are not compatable and will crack the glass.

We can infuse either dentin or enamel into the glass.  We will not use the silver amalgam fillings as it is toxic.

Fabric, fibers or photos:
We can take fabric or paper and burn it into the glass.  We can use just one string, but we prefer at least a square inch of fabric.

Anything else?
Let us know what else you would like to add and we can let you know if we can do it.

This listing must be added to your actual memory glass item and is not sold individually, it is an upgrade only.

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