Clarity™ Round Small Bead


Round beads are a lovely way to showcase your piece close to your heart for others to see. In this collection, the fine silver foil provides a reflective foundation beneath your color(s) of choice. The ivory core webs as it creates silvered ivory. You have the option of having the infused items visible or floating inside the transparent glass.

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Clarity™ Collection:

Suspend the memory of your loved one inside this glass transparent glass. Your loved one’s remains are clearly visible for you to see, but you do not have to tell anyone what it is.

We have an assortment of transparent colors from which to chose.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Emerald Green, Light Teal, Light Aqua, Azure Blue, Leaky Pen Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ink Blue-Purple, Light Topaz.

The inclusions are added by infusing them into the molten glass during the firing process. It is not added after the piece is created, and once created can not be changed.


If you have allergies to metal, this is not the design for you. The metallic “embrace” part is made from a silver glass which may contain other alloys.

We take sentimental items and infuse them while we are sculpting the glass using a 2,000° torch. Each inclusion, or sentimental item, listed below looks and acts differently with the glass. Some are noticeably visible and others just make bubbles or appear as black carbon flecks. Depending on the Collection, you can choose to have your item visible or hidden. Our specialty is cremains and hair, but we also work with the following items.

We ask that only one or two items per piece.


Ashes, Cremated Remains, or Cremains (infuses into very visible gray dusty texture)
Hair or Fur (burns into tiny black specs and bubbles)
  • Placenta/Umbilical cord (burns into black specks and bubbles)
  • Cloth or Fabric (burns into soot, can be black, white, bubbles)
  • Pictures/Paper (burns into white flecks)
Sand /Earth (infuses or burns into very visible, some sand makes bubbles, often maintains color)
  • Flowers/plants (burns into soot, bubbles)

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Weight 2 oz


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