Copper Core Lining UPGRADE for Big Hole Bead


This listing is an upgrade option to core your bead. The beads do not automatically come with the copper core.

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Core your big hole bracelet bead with a copper core liner.

This listing is an upgrade option to core your bead. The beads do not come with the copper core.

Please purchase your big hole bead along with this listing so we can make your bead first and then core it.

The copper core is for both aesthetic beautiy and to help protect your chain. The glass is harder than the metal and is abrasive. After time the bracelet can wear down especially if it is worn all the time. The added copper just adds that extra layer of protection.

Big Hole Bead Listings:

::::::::::::::::::::::::::BIG HOLE BEADS::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Our Big Hole Beads are handmade glass lampwork and is designed to incorporate your loved one’s ashes. Troll, “P” beads, European, etc.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: BIG HOLE SHAPES, COLORS, SIZES: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
You will be selecting all the options in the Online Details Form listed below. However, in short, here are some basic details for customizing your bead.

This listing is for the traditional big hole bracelet bead, it is shaped like round doughnut.


DONUT shaped bead
HOLE: about 3.5-4.5 mm
Bead width: 3-5 mm
Bead diameter: 15-20mm

ROUND shaped bead
HOLE: about 3.5-4.5 mm
Bead width: 15-20 mm
Bead diameter: 15-20mm

From our customer experience, the Big Hole Beads with lining seem to fit;
– Troll Beads©
– Pandora©

It DOES NOT FIT Camilla© bracelets

NOTE: The images show a temporary grommet liner. Photos are set with the temporary grommet to show you what it looks like, once approved we add the finished piece. The finished lining process is done by hand with specula tools and equipment and each one turns out slightly different. It does not look exactly like the consistent cookie-cutter grommet depicted in the image. The permanent lining may be slightly smaller than what appears in the image.

Additional information

Bead hole size

Small Donut Bead, Big Round Bead


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