Would you like to give your cremation glass an extra custom look? We can add a glass shape to the surface of your memory bead as we infuse your loved one’s remains into your custom memory glass.

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Not every item can accommodate an embellishment. Please tell us which item you’re adding the embellishment to. The pearl pendant, all rings, all earrings, and most Sterling Pendants cannot have the embellishment.

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Our current options:
Paw print
Dew Drop

Many colors to choose from:
-Transparent (clear)
-Silver glass (metallic)
-and other colors of the rainbow
-and now offering glow

This listing is for the embellishment only, as an upgrade. The handmade glass bead is separate. It can not be added to the vials as those are sold as is.

An embellishment is about 1/4 inch or 10mm. The dragonfly is bigger. If you want to add it to a smaller pea size glass bead, it will cover up the design.

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Weight 2 oz


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