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This listing is for the Glowing Galaxy Stars™ upgrade for your custom memory bead. This is not for the bead itself. Please see the other listings to see what bead you would like the Glowing Galaxy Stars™ in which to be added. Nebula™ already has the Glowing Galaxy Stars™. We can make all designs glow except Black Pearl™.

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Do you want to see your custom memory glass item glow while you fall asleep and know they are still close to you in the darkest of times? We can add this glowing powder upgrade to your glass jewelry design at the time of creating your bead.

This listing is for one application to one piece of glass (or set like earrings or cuff links). If you want more than one item to glow, please purchase the quantity you want to apply to the quantity of items in your order.

What do the Glowing Galaxy Stars™ remind you of?
Are they the stars in the night sky?
Fireflies from your summer vacations?
Perhaps the etherial soul in which your loved one has transitioned.


✚ the glow infused into your glass
✚ 1 free key chain black light

ø This does NOT include the bead or jewelry, please purchase the glass separately.


⊙ The glow is a luminescent powder that is added to the glass during the fabrication process. Once the bead is made, it can no be altered.

⊙ The glow can be charged by the sun, artificial light or a black light, and should last a lifetime.

⊙ The glow needs to be charged in order for it to glow. The longer it is charged the longer it will glow.

⊙ It can glow from seconds or up to many minutes or hours if properly charged.  The bigger the glass piece, the more we can add glow, and the brighter it will be and longer it will glow.  Smaller pieces will not glow as long or as bright as bigger pieces.

⊙ The glow can add a slight haze to the glass design, but shouldn’t change the look of the glass design too much.

*** We can not make modifications to the glass once it is made. Please purchase this item with your memory glass to insure you get the glow in your glass.



⊙  We are adding a complimentary UV black light key chain. It will help charge your glow so you can see it at night or in the dark.

⊙ The light has one LED UV light. It makes ultraviolet, white, and glow things light up.

⊙ The light charges the glow MUCH better than incandescent light.

⊙ It has one coin battery and should last several months or years. You can replace the battery by unscrewing the little screws.

⊙ Two ways to turn on the light:
➀ Press the button with your thumb and hold down
➁ Move the little switch to keep it on, and turn off


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