Nebula™ Angel Wing Suncatcher


As the breeze catch the wings of this Angelic sun catcher, the light illuminates the transparent glass. It transforms the ashes or hair from your lost loved one into a beautiful memorial piece of art. I like to call it Art for your Heart.

These Angel wings are creatively shaped into a heart with space to dangle your custom glass infused with ashes or hair. Chose your favorite design from my shop listings. It can hold a nice sized bead about 1.25 inch high. The entire piece is three inches tall and just under three inches wide.

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Nebula™ Collection

This design was named Nebula™ because of the night sky how the stars and galaxies create the nebula. In the end we are all star dust. This bead design is best for visible ashes, but we can make this design with everything hidden by adding some of our own “stars” with silver.

This bead comes with the glow and is best charged with black light or sunlight. It should glow for minuted or hours depending how well it is charged, and you can make it glow to infinity and beyond.

This design is great for someone who loves star gazing, sic-fi, Star Wars, Star Treck, Toy Story (Buz Lightyear), astronomy, astrology, sunsets, etc.

Currently this collection comes in only black or blue. We will be adding more colors in the near future.

We take sentimental items and infuse them while we are sculpting the glass using a 2,000° torch. Each inclusion, or sentimental item, listed below looks and acts differently with the glass. Some are noticeably visible and others just make bubbles or appear as black carbon flecks. Depending on the Collection, you can choose to have your item visible or hidden. Our specialty is cremains and hair, but we also work with the following items.

We ask that only one or two items per piece.


Ashes, Cremated Remains, or Cremains (infuses into very visible gray dusty texture)
Hair or Fur (burns into tiny black specs and bubbles)
  • Placenta/Umbilical cord (burns into black specks and bubbles)
  • Cloth or Fabric (burns into soot, can be black, white, bubbles)
  • Pictures/Paper (burns into white flecks)
Sand /Earth (infuses or burns into very visible, some sand makes bubbles, often maintains color)
  • Flowers/plants (burns into soot, bubbles)

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Weight 2 oz


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