Reflections™ TIE TACK Men’s Memory Glass


TIE TACKS are a manly way to showcase your piece close to your heart for others to see. Your choice of silver or gold. This listing is for Tie tack with your sentimental item infused as a glass memory piece.

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Reflections™ Tie tack with your sentimental item infused as a glass memory piece.

Tie Tacks:

Men aren’t supposed to show their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. Our tie tacks with memorial glass bead adornment allow a man to secretly hold a memory of an important person or experience close to his heart. The fitting is available in either silver or gold and has a “butterfly” closure so it can be pinched open easily. They are a lovely addition to a romantic occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary celebration. These are .6” (15 mm) in size.


The fine silver’s mirrored effect reflects light through the beautifully colored glass and captures the sentiment that passes through our hearts as we reflect on our memories. This collection features two strips of silver foil beneath one or two translucent colors of your choice. The center core is ivory colored and has a webbed look when it is mixed with the silver. You can choose to have infused items appear visible suspended in the transparent part of the glass or hidden inside the ivory colored glass core. To add a sense of the warmth of sunlight passing through the glass, you can add an optional glow.

Reflections™ TIE TACK Specifications:

::::::::::::::::::::::::::MEMORIAL GLASS::::::::::::::::::::::::::
We take sentimental items and infuse them into the glass. Each item below looks and acts differently with the glass, some are very visible and others just making bubbles or chard flecks. Depending on the Collection, you can choose to have the items visible or hidden. Items that can be added:
-Ashes, Cremated Remains (very visible)
-Hair or Fur (tiny black specs and bubbles)
-Placenta/Umbilical cord (black specks and bubbles)
-Cloth or Fabric (soot, can be black, white, bubbles)
-Pictures/Paper (white flecks)
-Sand /Earth (very visible, some sand makes bubbles, often maintains color)
-Flowers/plants (soot, bubbles)

::::::::::::::::::::::::::SHAPES, COLORS, SIZES: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Please view the images to see the options available. You will be able to choose your preferences on the order form. Not all shapes or sizes are always offered for each item. The order form will guide you to choose from the current options.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::OVERVIEW: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: glass, ashes, cremains, lampwork, fur, hair, tie tack
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United States


1. Complete your order for all items.
2. Check your email for a link to our shipping instructions.
3. Mail your inclusions for us to infuse into the glass.
(See *INCLUSIONS* below for more information.)
4. Approve photos of your finished glasswork.
(See *TIMING AND APPROVAL* below for more information.)


The following can be customized to suit your wishes:
collection see:
• INCLUSIONS: ONE item is included, a second item can be added at extra cost.
• UPGRADES: surface embellishments, glow-in-the- dark Galaxy Stars, etc.
(See *UPGRADES* below for more information.)


Examples of items that can be included and how they may appear in the glass: (NOTE: Inclusions do not affect the color or design of the glass!)
• Pet or Human Ashes (very visible, gray, fuzzy)
• Hair or Fur (tiny black specs and bubbles)
• Cloth or Fabric (soot, can be black or white, bubbles)
• Pictures/Paper (white flecks)
• Sand /Earth (very visible, some sand makes bubbles, often maintains color)
• Flowers/Plants (soot, flecks, bubbles)
• Placenta, umbilical cord (soot, flecks, bubbles)
• Breast Milk (soot, flecks, bubbles)
We always return unused inclusion items!


1. INCLUSIONS ARRIVE: We message you when we get your package.
Your order will be finished up to 8 weeks after this date. Orders during holidays can take up to 12 weeks, SO ORDER EARLY. Rush orders are possible for some items (but not during holidays). Please ask if you are in a rush.
2. PHOTO APPROVAL: We e-mail photos of your glass (before fittings are glued on) to ensure that we made your order correctly. We will NOT ship out your order until we receive your approval message so please promptly send your approval for the fastest completion of your piece.
3. FINAL TOUCHES: We add the finishing touches to your glass, gift -wrap, and return the remaining inclusions.
4. ITEMS SHIPPED. Shipping and tracking information is emailed to you.

NOTE PLEASE READ THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE TAB, which is just under the photo on this page.


Under: “Additional Policies and FAQs” please find more information.


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Weight 2 oz

Gold Plate, Silver Plate


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