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If you have a special deadline coming up and need your glass sooner than 8 weeks we can put your order at the front of the line to get it made and back to you as soon as possible.  Please read this entire listing before purchasing.

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This listing is to expedite your order of one item to the front of the line to get the order made sooner than the regular waiting time.  See pricing below for more options.

This listing is for my time and IS NOT for an actual memorial glass piece.  Please add your item to your cart before checking out.

Please read the entire listing before you purchase.


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To rush your order it is a $50 minimum for one item, and an additional $15 per item.

If you want to rush only one item, please purchase that listing separately as shipping will apply to both parcels.

Some items, like 14k gold rings are custom ordered and not in stock.  It may take longer for those items to ship to me, and some items are only made as I order them from my supplier.

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➀ Contact the shop owner first to see if they have time to do a rush for you.

➁ Do your shopping and put all the items you want into the shopping cart. Read every listing thoroughly before purchasing, each item has different links and allows for different upgrades.

➂ In one transaction, please place all your items in your order unless you want just one item rushed.

➃ After your order, you will get an automated message from us with your order confirmation and shipping instructions link.

➄ Mail your package.

➅ We will confirm your package arrival, and your due date starts at time of arrival.

➆ When your order is finished, we will email you photos to confirm that it is done correctly.
We do not ship without an approval.

➇ After approval, we will package and ship the remaining inclusions and gift wrap your glass. Expect an email confirmation with your tracking number.

➈ Once you get your package, we appreciate your positive review. If there was a concern with your order, please communicate with us so we can take care of any concerns.



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If you want to upgrade the shipping speed please inquire about that as the prices vary depending on your location. Expedited shipping will cost more.

This is to rush the glass order,  you are paying for my time. We can not guarantee that the shipping company will deliver on your special deadline.

I’m in the USA in a remote town, so please consider that it will take a day or two longer.

Shipping during the holidays takes longer as well.

Shipping overseas can take many days or weeks.  You will pick up your parcel at the post office and pay your import tax.  Please see more in my policies FAQ page.

Please check the weather report for Northern California and your location and in between.  Major weather can delay or halt all mail.  As I write this all the hurricanes are happening in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean.  Winter storms can cause delay as well.


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The faster you answer our emails, the faster we can proceed with the order. Please make sure that your email notifications come through in your email and not the spam folder.

Ship your package to us as soon as possible, your delay will only put your deadline later.

Please double check your transaction with the details form, if details do not line up it will only delay the process until it is correct.

We must have a complete details form in order to create your glass.

Details in emails will NOT be remembered. If you want a design element please add it in your transaction note, details form or mail it in your package. We DO NOT review email messages as they can not be considered as final decisions and they gets buried in the thousands of emails we have.

When life circumstances occur, it is difficult for us to send out private messages to all our current customers. Here are some links to where we post updates and announcements as well as photos of our latest batches of memory glass.

If we sent out the package in time and the package does not get to you on time due to shipping delays, we can not offer a refund as we make extra efforts on our end to make the glass for you.




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Rushing it can push it ahead by 1-3 weeks upon arrival of your package to the studio.
(Normally the bead making process can take up to 8 weeks and 12 weeks during the holiday season.)

We DO NOT offer rush orders during the Holiday season (October – February).

The rush order does not get placed in front of orders with current due dates. We will fit your order in as soon as possible as long as we are fulfilling our other order’s due dates. Typically we can fit your order in the next batch or two of beads.

We take a limited amount of rush orders as we are already busy most of the year.

Please let us know your due date and check in with us to confirm that if we are available to make this happen as we may not be available at your particular time of urgency. This is especially true during or after busy seasons, vacation time, holidays, weather, etc.

If you already have an order submitted, and decide you need to rush it, we can place it near the front of the line. Please purchase this listing, and mention that you already have an open order.

If your order falls over a holiday it will extend the due date because we have family too and like to celebrate life as much as you do.

Please understand, we are a small business with only one artist and one assistant. If life gets in the way, like unexpected life circumstances, it can cause a delay. We will do our best to communicate with you if something arises.


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Rush does not apply to Custom Orders as they do take longer (details are on the custom order listing). The rush only bumps your order to the front of the line.

Larger quantity orders will take longer.
Items like pocket stones take much longer than any other item and may cause delay.


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Our time is not refundable, if we have gone out of our way to put time into rushing your order we can not refund this listing.

If we were unable to meet your deadline, we are happy to refund the rush fee.

Any changes to your order will cause a delay.


Please see our refund policy:


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