Sterling Santorini™ Pendant Crystal Ball™


Sterling Santorini™ Pendant in Crystal Ball™ cradles the memory glass stone.

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Cord or Chain (optional)

Cords are 2mm adjustable black leather. Chains are silver plated.

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  • Glowing Galaxy Stars™

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    Turn around time for beads is 2–8 weeks upon delivery of your memorial items in our studio. Holiday time line starts October 1 and ends February 1, and can take up to 12 weeks.


Sterling Santorini™ Pendant in Crystal Ball™ Specifications:

“[The island of] Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera.”  Our glass is made from loved ones remains,  flowers from a wedding or umbilical from a new baby, they still burn into the piece creating something so breathtaking,  much like the island of Santorini.

This piece also captures the curves and angles of the classic white and blue architecture on the cliffs of Santorini.  And to capture the essence of the Aegean Sea, any of our blue colors would be quite beautiful.



This Santorini design has ornate interwoven curves and angles.  The suggestion of a heart encircles the stone while a set of leaf shapes and tear drops cap both top and bottom.
The size of the pendant:1.25″ tall, 7/8″ wide, 1/4″ deep or  (33 x 22 x 6 mm)
Hole for chain: 3 x 5 mm
Glass size: 3/8″ diameter, 1/4″ deep (11 x 7 mm)
Glass Shape: Lentil or M&M

How we named this piece “Santorini”.

I had a difficult time coming up with a name for this one until the first customer came to me to have it made.  I read her last name and instantly “Santorini” came to mind.  Her last name is very close to the sound of Santorini.  Santorini is also special to me because before my mom passed, she went to Santorini and came back with a few gifts, and told me about her vacation there.  I hope to go sometime.

Crystal Ball™:

The stunning fashion in which black offsets other colors inspired us to offer our classic Reflections Collection with an alternative core color. Like our ivory collection, this piece is meant to allow you to reflect upon a life experience, a loved one, or a pet through infusing its obsidian core with a personal relic. The foil strips bring to mind a mirror through which you can “reflect” upon your beloved black cat or dog, remember an elegant black tie event, or simply match your memorial jewelry to a different style of attire. You can choose up to two colors to combine with the black core to create your own personal treasure. Adding an optional glow effect can add a sense of personal illumination to your piece.

This item is customizable to provide you with a handmade, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry as a living memory; it can be infused with pet ashes, hair, fur, or other sentimental items from special life events. We work TOGETHER with you to make a memento as unique as your memory.


We can add glow to any collection.

Much like the night’s city-scape of glistening lights, or the mystique of the night’s sky, we can add a special glow powder to the glass.  It may add a slight haze to the transparent glass, but overall your glass design of choice will surely meet your expectations.

Glow Details:
The glow is a luminescent powder that is added to the glass during the fabrication process. Once the bead is made, it can no be altered.
The glow can be charged by the sun, artificial light or a black light, and should last a lifetime.
The glow needs to be charged in order for it to glow. The longer it is charged the longer it will glow.
It can glow from seconds or up to many minutes or hours if properly charged.  The bigger the glass piece, the more we can add glow, and the brighter it will be and longer it will glow.  Smaller pieces will not glow as long or as bright as bigger pieces.
The glow can add a slight haze to the glass design, but shouldn’t change the look of the glass design too much.

We are adding a complimentary UV black light key chain if you add the glow to your order. It will help charge your glow so you can see it at night or in the dark.
The light has one LED UV light. It makes ultraviolet, white, and glow things light up.
The light charges the glow MUCH better than incandescent light.
It has one coin battery and should last several months or years. You can replace the battery by unscrewing the little screws.

Two ways to turn on the light:
➀ Press the button with your thumb and hold down
➁ Move the little switch to keep it on, and turn off




1. Complete your order for all items.
2. Check your email for a link to our shipping instructions.
3. Mail your inclusions for us to infuse into the glass.
(See INCLUSIONS below for more information.)
4. Approve photos of your finished glass work.
(See TIMING AND APPROVAL below for more information.)


The following can be customized to suit your wishes:
• UPGRADES: glow-in-the- dark Galaxy Stars, chain, etc.
(See UPGRADES below for more information and links.)

Colors are mixed BY HAND so there are slight variations in appearance. Colors can appear darker with bigger items and lighter with smaller items. Pink is included in other collections, but not this one. For more colors in the
collection see:


Examples of items that can be included and how they may appear in the glass: (NOTE: Inclusions do not affect the color or design of the glass!)
• Pet or Human ashes (very visible, gray, fuzzy)
• Hair or Fur (tiny black specs and bubbles)
• Cloth or Fabric (soot, can be black or white, bubbles)
• Pictures/Paper (white flecks)
• Sand /Earth (very visible, some sand makes bubbles, often maintains color)
• Flowers/Plants (soot, flecks, bubbles)
We always return unused inclusion items!


Upgrades MUST be included on the online details form and can be found at this link:
• MAKE IT GLOW: Glowing Galaxy Stars:tm: make almost any piece glow-in-the-dark. See:

Make it Glow

• CHAINS: Various sizes and styles. Chains are NOT included with the pendants. See:
• LEATHER CORD: Instead of a chain, you can have it on an adjustable cord: See:
• SECOND INCLUSION : This listing is for ONE inclusion, you can add one more at extra cost.


1. INCLUSIONS ARRIVE: We message you when we get your package.
Your order will be finished up to 8 weeks after this date. Orders during holidays can take up to 12 weeks, SO ORDER EARLY. Rush orders are possible for some items (but not during holidays). Please ask if you are in a rush.
2. PHOTO APPROVAL: We e-mail photos of your glass (before fittings are glued on) to insure that we made your order correctly. We will NOT ship out your order until we receive your approval message so please promptly send your approval for the fastest completion of your piece.
3. FINAL TOUCHES: We add the finishing touches to your glass, gift -wrap, and return the remaining inclusions.
4. ITEMS SHIPPED. Shipping and tracking information is e-mailed to you.

NOTE PLEASE READ THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE TAB, which is just under the photo on this page.


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